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I'm SO very proud of you.

By taking action towards the life you were born to live, you've already shifted your vibration in a BIG way...

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"YES, I am ready to receive!"

I can promise you, the coming days ahead will be some of the most exciting (and abundant) of your entire life!

In just MINUTES, you and I will make our way to the private member's area together, linked arm-in-arm.

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Your Very First Manifestation!

Okay... I want you to try something with me... a little experiment.

For just a moment, let your eyes gently shutter closed. Then, take a deep breath in... and a deep breath out... let yourself fully relax.

Now... I want you to imagine with me.

Imagine... A Check For An Extra $5,000.00
Suddenly Manifesting Into Your Life Out Of Nowhere!


What would a sudden financial blessing like that mean for you?

Would you treat your family to an exotic vacation


Upgrade your car or home


Or simply create some breathing room between you and your bills or debt


No doubt... there are countless places where that money could be harnessed to create AMAZING positivity in your life.

Now... imagine if you started receiving that extra $5,000.00 not just once... but every single month?

What would you do with regular extra income like that?

  • Grow your retirement nestegg into a small fortune
  • Buy a NEW home or car
  • Set aside some money for your kids or grandkids education
  • Or what about pay off all your debts completely

Actually attain REAL financial freedom?!?

Now... let your eyes flutter open once again.

The reason I asked you to "play imagine" with me is.... when you're stuck in a world of lack and limitation... struggling paycheck to paycheck...

It's so easy to forget what having REAL ABUNDANCE would actually feel like...

How GOOD you feel in every fiber of your being when you're truly financially free!

Sure... we both know money is not everything.

Life is about experiences... your relationships with friends and family... and living the blessing behind every waking moment.

You know... not too long ago, I was buried under a towering mountain of debt...

And with all of that weight crushing my spirits, I couldn't move. I was filled with so much fear that every area of my life became STUCK.

BUT, when abundance flows easily and effortlessly into your life, it's like receiving a magical key.

And suddenly, the locked gates to your greatest dreams and desires swing wide-open.

Everything you've been putting on hold... everything you've been secretly dreaming of is now within reach.


Take that bucket list vacation you've been holding onto in the back of your mind...

Indulge in spa treatments, healthy food, and healing sessions to nurse yourself back to PERFECT health...

Finally, sleep like a baby, without a worry in the world...

Discover new energy to focus on healing old relationships...

Gain the freedom to pursue your purpose and passions....

Attract your soul mate or "twin flame," at long last!

Others literally FEEL your shift in vibration when you're in an open, free, and abundant state.

Put simply...

Financial Abundance Is The Most
Important Key To Get UNSTUCK...
And Send You Rocketing To
Your Most Magical Dream Life!

Right now, you already own The Sacred Sound Healing System. This potent activator IS going to awaken powerful, latent forces within you, and reveal the empowered manifestor within.

Many of my students quickly attract new abundance into their lives starting very quickly.

But, you, my dear one, the reason you're seeing this video is...

You've Been Selected By The Universe!

And for you, "very quickly" is about to take on an entirely new meaning.

Let me explain:

From time to time, I send out surveys to check the pulse of clients, friends, and system members.

I see us all as a deeply interconnected tribe... a part one big "Soul Family."

Since we're so energetically linked, I always want to know the areas our family is seeing growth, and where we're remaining stuck.

For the most part, the feedback is always so inspiring. We're all a part of a truly courageous and radiant group of souls.

BUT... despite all the positivity, there's always one big challenge that seems to never fully vanish.

That obstacle I'm talking about is, of course...

A Lack of Money!

It causes so much devastation in our lives and can leave us feeling TRAPPED.

Maybe you feel that way, right now?

Trapped by medical debt.

Trapped by legal bills from a divorce.

Trapped by a lifetime of living paycheck to paycheck.

Or maybe your story is like mine, where credit card debt has piled on over the years, and now an avalanche is on the verge of crashing down!

Listen, dear one...

NONE of the financial troubles you're facing are your fault.

4 in 5 people-78%-live month-to-month, just barely squeaking by...

70% are trapped in some kind of medical, student, or credit card debt...

And, the average wage hasn't gone up in decades, while living expenses have rocketed way, way up!

So you're not alone - and it's not your fault.

Our society has a sickness - and that sickness is the scourge of debt.

BUT, here's the exciting news...

You don't have to be TRAPPED anymore!

There's a quick, simple, and EASY escape.

Now sure... I know you may be thinking... that the only way out of your current financial situation is nothing short of a...

Financial Miracle.

Well... I'm here to tell you that miracle really does exists. And...

You're Just Hours Away From
Experiencing Its Limitless Magic!

So far, you've secured your copy of The Sacred Sound Healing System. This powerful tool WILL help raise your vibration and clear negativity.

You're finances will begin to shift.

BUT... after "tuning in" to the hearts of my Soul Family... I realized you maybe in the same shoes I was once in...

Where you need a shift in your finances FAST... maybe even overnight!

This is why I created 4 new Sound Healing Ceremonies focused on just one goal... turning on the limitless flow of abundance into your life...

Delivering your long-awaited financial miracle!

I'm not just talking about a one-time manifestation where you receive that $5,000.00 check, and that's it. But... actually breaking through your financial ceiling, quickly and yes permanently....

So you're receiving those checks from the Universe month after joyous month!

And get this: abundance is going to rush in with FAR LESS effort than you imagined possible.

Instead of CHASING after money and success... now all the wealth and opportunity of the Universe is chasing after you!

I know that may be hard to imagine, in this moment.

But, the shift really is that deep and profound.

I call these wealth attracting healing ceremonies, The Money Miracle Series. They include...

  • The Money Manifestation Ceremony where we magnetize your heart to receive new income as quickly as possible... even starting overnight!
  • Next is the...

  • Abundance Block Clearing Ceremony where we eliminate all the energetic blocks holding you back from receiving the limitless abundance of the Universe...
  • From there, you'll discover...

  • The Soul's Purpose Ceremony to attract new income streams aligned with you soul's energetic blueprint...
  • And finally...

  • The New Opportunity Ceremony to attract the perfect new job, promotion, or business opportunity into your life!

Since creating the Money Miracle Series, the feedback has been nothing short of awe-inspiring.

REAL money miracles are unfolding as...

Those struggling paycheck to paycheck, buried under a mountain of debt are FINALLY attracting the income they deserve.

Not just one time amounts... an extra $1,000.00... 2,000.00, $5,000.00 or even more pouring into your bank account every single month.

The kind of money that opens the doors to anything and everything your heart desires.

This is nothing short of life-changing. The Money Miracle Series is not a study course that only works on the level of the mind. Instead, it works on an energetic level to attune your vibration to attracting wealth.

And that's exactly why I know WILL for work for you.

In just a moment, you'll have an opportunity to receive the Money Miracle Series. Plus, the discount I mentioned earlier.

But, after the overwhelming success of this money generating creation... I realized I couldn't stop there.

After all, when your money miracle arrives, it just might be the most freeing feeling ever.

And now you have the energy to focus on all of the other areas of your life.

This is why I headed into the studio to create another transformative series, Relationships on Fire.

These 4 lovingly crafted healing ceremonies are designed to...

Rekindle love in your existing relationships (no matter how troubled they may be at this moment)...

Stir the flames of your heart as you attract your one true soul mate or "Twin Flame"...


Set ablaze all of the patterns that no longer serve you as you receive divine healing with help from your ancient ancestors....

These are all SO deeply powerful.

Plus, to go along with more wealth and love, you're also going to want to bring healing to your physical body.

So, I also created the Radiant Health Series too.

These 4 magical ceremonies will help you lose weight, gain body confidence, heal from physical pain, and spark a divine, radiant presence that lights up the world.

Together, the Money Miracles Series... the Relationships On Fire Series and the Radiant Health Series combine to create a healing library of 12 additional ceremonies.

Together, they're going to transform your finances... heal your relationships... and enliven how you FEEL each and every day....

And it's all going to happen faster than ever before... starting overnight!

Let me introduce you to...

The Sacred Sound Ultimate
Healing Library!


Inside, you'll receive all 4 of the money miracle ceremonies... all 4 ceremonies for attracting more love into your life... and all 4 ceremonies for total health, peace and divine well-being.

And, when you include The Sacred Sound Healing System, this means you have full unrestricted access to the entire library of over 16 healing sessions!

And here's the best part...

You're going to LOVE the tiny tuition
fee I'm asking for this exclusive
upgrade experience.

You see...

If these series were sold separately, it would cost you $97.00 for each one... or $291.00 extra for everything.

Considering all these ceremonies offer you... major breakthroughs in your finances, relationships, and health...

$291.00 would still feel like a great bargain.

But, today, I've settled on a MUCH lower amount to claim ownership of this empowering library.

Originally, I thought about extending to you the same discount you received The Sound Sacred Healing System for... just $97.00 $47 each or $291.00 $141.00 total

That would be a $150.00 off the normal $291.00 retail price.

BUT remember, the first four ceremonies I told you about are all about creating an abundance breakthrough in your life...

And, right now... I don't want anything to get in your way of receiving just that.

These 4 sessions are going to raise your vibration... clear lack and limitation from your mind... and welcome in your long-awaited financial miracle...

A flow of limitless abundance that rushes forth month-after-month!

So, I guess I just REALLY want you to have these ceremonies because I KNOW they'll work for you.

Plus... the truth is we're all so interconnected, we're part of the same Soul Family...

So, When You Rise,
I Rise Too!

So, here's what I finally decided...

Your tuition is NOT going to cost $291.00... $141.00... or even a hundred.

But, I'm giving you ALL of the ceremonies for a ONE-TIME amount of just $291.00 97 dollars!

That's around 20 bucks each, or the price of one dinner out for each of these LIFE-CHANGING sound healing series.

At that amount, I'm 100% certain you'll manifest your tuition back (plus much more) in a flash!

This upgrade pays for itself many times over.

Oh, and that's not all. When you take action and join me today, I've prepared ANOTHER very special bonus for you...

A BRAND NEW sound healing system made EXCLUSIVELY for Ultimate Package members. This program is literally NOT available anywhere else.

It's called...

The Portal Awakening System


The Universe is in constant motion... spinning, expanding, destroying, and birthing anew....

And here on mother earth, these divine energies reach and touch us too.

Our ancestors KNEW and understood this. And they harnessed these cosmic tides to further their own growth, and expansion.

Now... you will too!

As a bonus, The Sacred Sound Healing System, already includes two powerful mediations to harness the energetic portals of full and new moons for manifestation.

And, The Portal Awakening System goes further. It helps you tune in, tap into, and rise with the portals all major cosmic events, including...

  1. The Summer Solstice
  2. The Spring Equinox
  3. Fall Equinox
  4. Winter Solstice
  5. Solar Eclipses
  6. And... Lunar Eclipses too!

Now, you're personal growth is aligned with the natural flow of the Universe just like our ancient ancestors!

This bonus will give you TONS of epic upgrades and life-changing personal growth "downloads" over the next year. And, alone makes this upgrade package a "must have."

Together, The Portal Awakening System bonus now means your library includes 4 additional sound healing products.

You now have full access to...

The Money Miracle series - a $97.00 value

The Relationships on Fire series - an additional $97.00 value

Radiant Health - Another 97 dollars

The Portal Awakening System - 97

That's a total value of $388.00!

The Money Miracle Series - a $97.00 Value

+ The Relationships on Fire Series - a $97.00 Value

+ The Radiant Health Series - A $97.00 Value

+ The Portal Awakening System - A $97.00 Value

Total Value = $388.00

Your price today: Just $97! ($291.00 Savings)

$388.00... that's how much you would otherwise have to pay for everything you see on your screen...

And you get it all for just $97. A $291.00 additional savings.

Yes, I think we can both agree this package is no longer just a bargain, but what may be the deal of a lifetime!

All you've got to do to gain full, unrestricted access to the entire Sacred Sound Ultimate Library is click or tap on the button below...

All 4 of the additional new sound healing products will then be waiting for you inside your personalized member's area.

PLUS, don't forget about the Sacred Sound Spa phone and Ipad app. The entire library is ready and waiting for you there too.

So, you can listen to each of these Ceremonies anytime, and any place your heart calls you to.

I like to think of the Ultimate Library as your very own...

"Netflix" for Sound Healing.

Just tap a button to relax and bathe in the perfect healing ceremony based on what you need in the moment.

This is the perfect upgrade to accelerate and multiply your success in all areas of your life!

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Just be sure you don't wait on this.

This special offer is only available right now.

You see, whenever I release a new creation, it goes out to a network of tens of thousands of people across the world.

That's a LOT of people that are going to be IMPACTED. So, it's very important that everything is 100% perfect.

So far, the results from Money Miracles Series have been nothing short of phenomenal. It's ready to be released!

But, the Relationships on Fire and the Radiant Health Series are brand new.

That's why in exchange for the special discount... all I ask is you share with me your feedback on how these exciting programs work for you.

Based on your results, I may decide to update the ceremonies and you'll receive FREE access to all new versions.

So, go-ahead. Join my lovely family of earlybird testers.

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Or I INSIST you write me for a full no questions asked refund.

This means The Sacred Sound Ultimate Library pays for itself... likely MANY times over... or I'll return every cent of your tuition.

That's how confident I am that you're going to LOVE the transformation that unfolds.

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It's 100% risk-free for 60 full days!

When you flip the switch and become a magnet for abundance it will change your life.

But, what you might not expect is how it impacts those around you too.

When you finally clear away your major abundance blocks and shift your energetic vibration, those closest to you can literally FEEL it on a subconscious level.

When this happened for me, it was like blessings started appearing within EVERYONE I was closely connected to. Friends, and close family began shifting their patterns with money too.

In other words, if you have kids, grandkids, or close family members who've always struggled with their finances... it's like you're now LEADING the way... blazing a path towards abundance for GENERATIONS to come.

Give your loved ones the gift of abundance. Give this a try.

Click below right now!

You're protected by my 60-day money back guarantee, so it's 100% risk-free!

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Upgrade to the All Access 1-Year Pass for a ONE-TIME amount of only $99. Receive 3 new ceremonies per month for 1 year of membership ($262.64 saved in 1 year!) (Popular Upgrade)

Just imagine... what it would feel like to be FINANCIALLY FREE.

Erasing debt... traveling when and where you want... growing a beautiful retirement nestegg... and gifting presents to others you never imagined being able to share.

This can be REAL for you.

It WILL be REAL for you, and all you have to do is sit-back, relax, and let these sacred ceremonies pull your money miracle into your life.

This isn't just about attracting an extra $5,000.00. It's about becoming so magnetized to abundance, that $5,000.00 shows up month after joyous month!

All your dreams, relationship and health goals, and bucket list items you've been putting on hold... suddenly fill your everyday reality!


This will work for you just like it has for so many others. You literally just sit back, relax, and listen.

Click the button below to gain complete, unrestricted access to the entire Sacred Sound Ultimate Library!

Like I said before, you can think of your new collection as a kind of "Netflix" for Sound Healing. Now you just tap a button to enjoy the perfect healing session for whatever your heart is calling out for!

Remember, you're guaranteed to LOVE your new Ultimate Sacred Sound Library, or I INSIST you write me for a full refund. You have an entire 60-days to decide!

So, take my hand...

Embark with me on this miracle filled journey together!

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Receive 3 *new* sacred ceremonies each month to TRIPLE the size of your library over the next year. Just $29.97 per month for The Ultimate Library All Access Monthly Pass.

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Upgrade to the All Access 1-Year Pass for a ONE-TIME amount of only $99. Receive 3 new ceremonies per month for 1 year of membership ($262.64 saved in 1 year!) (Popular Upgrade)

My beautiful friend...


You were NOT put here on this earth to struggle...

You were NOT put here to stay STUCK, trapped by lack and limitation...

You were NOT put here to live in fear and anxiety over your finances...

No... life is supposed to be full of FUN. An experience where you get to live out your soul's passions and greatest desires.

So, go-ahead... unleash miracles and magic... welcome in your soul's deepest yearnings into your life.

Simply click below to clear away the negativity... raise your vibration... and welcome in miracles in your finances... your relationships... and your health and well-being too!

Trust me, after you experience The Sacred Sound Healing System, you're definitely going to want access to the full library.

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This is going to dramatically speed up your success and help you reach all of your goals in no time at all... starting overnight.

And, remember, it's all 100% risk-free for 60-days with my money-back guarantee.

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I can't wait for you to experience all the healing and blessings that await!

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With this upgrade, you're receiving...

✔ The Money Miracle Series - a $97.00 Value

✔ The Relationships on Fire Series - a $97.00 Value

✔ The Radiant Health Series - A $97.00 Value

✔ The Portal Awakening System - A $97.00 Value

✔ My 100% Risk-free 60-day Money-back Guarantee

✔ Listen anywhere with your Sacred Sound Spa App

All for just $97 (your total savings = $291.00)!


Optional Add-On Upgrade

Receive 3 *new* sacred ceremonies each month to TRIPLE the size of your library over the next year. Just $29.97 per month for The Ultimate Library All Access Monthly Pass.

...OR Save Now...

Upgrade to the All Access 1-Year Pass for a ONE-TIME amount of only $99. Receive 3 new ceremonies per month for 1 year of membership ($262.64 saved in 1 year!) (Popular Upgrade)